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Singapore Style Laksa Recipe (Vegetarian)

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Singapore Style Laksa


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Side Ingredients

  • Vegetarian Fish Cakes: 3 pcs (cooked and cut)

  • Hard Boiled Eggs: 8 pcs

  • Bean Sprout: 200g (washed and blanched)

Laksa Paste Ingredients


  • Mushroom Powder: 4 tea spoon

  • Vegetarian Stock: 2 table spoon

  • Sugar: 3 tea spoon

  • Salt: 2 tea spoon

Cooking Method

  1. Blend all laksa paste ingredients into a fine consistency.

  2. Heat 10 table spoon of oil in a wok, then add laksa paste and fry till oil and chilli paste are separated, remove and set aside.

  3. Add 2 litres of water into pot and put to boil. Put 2/3 chilli paste into pot and set aside balance as condiments. Add dried beancurd and blended laksa leaves into pot to cook for 15 minutes. Add coconut milk and seasonings and mix evenly.

  4. Boil water and soak vermicelli till cooked.

  5. Serve cooked vermicelli with laksa sauce. Garnish with extra laksa leaves and serve.


Recipe by Ani Losang Chokyi

Editor: Stella Hoh

Food Photography by Bene Tan

Food Styling by Ada Wong

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