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Food Photography Consulting Service

Our Food Photography Consulting Services are tailored to help F&B businesses to elevate their visual identity and showcase their culinary creations in the most enticing way possible. A food photography consultant plays a crucial role in helping businesses and individuals create compelling and visually appealing food images. We provide expert guidance, creative direction, technical expertise, and support to enhance the quality of food photography, making it more enticing to the target audience.


Our consulting services are adaptable to your needs. Whether you're looking for a one-time consultation, ongoing support, or specialized training workshops, we're here to collaborate and guide you toward achieving your visual aspirations.

Let us be your partner in turning culinary visions into captivating reality through the lens.

For F&B Businesses

Elevate your marketing efforts

For F&B businesses, whether you're a restaurant, cafe, or food brand, our consulting services offer a strategic approach to elevate your marketing efforts. We work closely with you to understand your brand identity and goals, translating them into delectable visuals that showcase your offerings. 

For Marcoms

Making your campaigns more impactful and resonant

Marcoms professionals find in us a valuable ally to infuse marketing campaigns with mouthwatering visuals. Our expertise ensures that the imagery aligns seamlessly with your messaging, making your campaigns more impactful and resonant.

For Photography Studios

Expand your repertoire & enhance your studio's capabilities

Photography studios seeking to expand their repertoire can benefit from our specialized insights into food photography. We provide tailored guidance on photography techniques, lighting setups, styling tips and composition, allowing you to enhance your studio's capabilities and offer clients a complete package of culinary excellence.

For Individual Photographers

Create stunning food imagery that stands out

For individual photographers aiming to specialize in food photography, our consultant services offer a comprehensive learning journey. We help you refine your skills, understand the nuances of food photography, and develop an eye for capturing the essence of each dish. With our mentorship, you'll be ready to create stunning food imagery that stands out in a competitive market.



Expertise and Guidance

Food photography consultants bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. We will guide you through every step of the process, from buying of photography equipments, conceptualization to execution, ensuring your culinary creations are captured in the most appealing and enticing manner.


Brand Enhancement

A food photography consultant ensures that the images align with your brand identity. This consistency strengthens your brand's visual presence, making your offerings instantly recognizable and memorable.


Improved Marketing

Compelling food imagery resonates with your target audience, increasing engagement and boosting your marketing efforts. These images can be leveraged across various platforms, helping you attract new customers and retain loyal ones.


Stunning Visuals

Consultants have an eye for composition, lighting, and styling that transforms ordinary dishes into stunning works of art. Our skills result in images that not only showcase the food's flavors but also evoke a sensory experience for viewers.


Time and Resource Savings

By hiring a consultant, you save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on trial and error. Consultants streamline the photography process, delivering high-quality images efficiently and effectively.



For businesses or individuals looking to improve their in-house photography skills, consultants may review portfolios and provide constructive feedback. We can also offer training sessions to help clients enhance their photography techniques and storytelling abilities.


Nydia Hartono

I had an amazing experience taking Bene's one light workshop. I learned so many valuable lessons about lighting that I often use in my photography practice. Bene's teaching style is very hands-on and visual, something that is great for people with kinaesthetic and visual learning styles.

He's been very kind to provide answers to questions I have after the workshop. He has a heart of a teacher and doesn't gate keep information. I highly recommend his workshops for both amateur and professional photographers looking to upgrade their skills.

Lizzie Vo

I attended one to one Food Photography workshop hosted by Bene and I have to write this review as I'm impressed with his professionalism of how he conducted his class! The workshop is very informative for beginners like me, Bene is very patient and meticulous, he would share all the tips and tricks unselfishly.
Oh yes, I love his home studio, it's so cozy that makes you feel so comfortable. Thank you Ada too for her warm welcome! 😍

I'll definitely be back for the intermediate workshop :)

Dyutima Jha

I took Bene’s 3-day advanced food photography workshop & it was an absolutely invaluable experience. He took the time to understand my goals for this intensive training & worked his best to make sure they were met.

A true master of his art, Bene’s photography techniques & eye for perfection are impeccable. He creates magic by playing with light & camera angles. A wealth of knowledge, he’s much too generous with it.

Working with him during the workshop empowered, motivated & above all, inspired me tremendously.
Thank you Bene!

Unlock the Potential of Food Photography

Unlock the potential of food photography as a language that transcends taste and engages hearts.

Join us in this journey of creativity, culinary artistry, and impactful storytelling.

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