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Basic Food Photography Workshop One to One

Basic Food Photography Workshop

The waffle shot above was using natural lighting @ f/5.6, 1/40s, ISO 400

About The Event
Learn how to photograph professional looking and drool-inducing food photographs!

Bene will personally guide you throughout this group workshop.



This worksop is suitable for Photography Enthusiasts, Marketing Personnel, Home Bakers, Chefs / Pastry Chefs, Graphic Designers or anyone who is interested in food photography.


SG$750 per pax 


Contact us to book a date of your preference.


4 hours (might overrun), 2pm to 6pm



Maximum 1 pax.


Tampines area. Will email the address once the workshop is confirm.


  • Compact or DSLR / Mirrorless camera that has Manual control mode or Aperture priority mode.

  • For Compact Camera, make sure your camera has the macro mode/function.

  • Preferably to have some basic fundamental of Photography. 

  • Good working knowledge operating your camera.

  • Please bring along a macro Lens if you have one.



  • Introduction to food photography

  • Understand about your camera 

  • Understand types of lens used and how it works for food photography

  • Understand Aperture and Shutter Speed used in food photography

  • Learn how to take professional, drool-inducing food images using simple lighting techniques

  • Learn what makes a good food image

  • Learn how to create and tell a Story

  • Learn the different types of Composition

  • Learn what are the common mistakes

  • Learn how to photograph straight from the camera without the need of heavy editing using Photoshop

  • Learn how to control Depth of Field in food photography

  • Learn how to choose the correct white balance

  • Learn how to control the exposure

  • Types of Metering & ISO to use

  • Understand about Colour Temperature

  • Learn how to use Lighting tools (low budget)

Workshop includes theory and practical session.


  • Fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the workshop.

  • Withdrawal or failure to turn up will result in the loss of the full course fee.

  • Cause & Effect Studio Pte Ltd reserves the right to modify the specification of a course without notice.

  • Artificial lighting will be use if the weather on that day is overcast.


  • We have a friendly small dog at our studio.

  • We are not MySkillsFuture / SkillsFuture claimable.


Contact us now if you are interested to sign up.

Please provide your full name, email and mobile number.


Lizzie Vo

I attended one to one Food Photography workshop hosted by Bene and I have to write this review as I'm impressed with his professionalism of how he conducted his class! The workshop is very informative for beginners like me, Bene is very patient and meticulous, he would share all the tips and tricks unselfishly.

Oh yes, I love his home studio, it's so cozy that makes you feel so comfortable. Thank you Ada too for her warm welcome! 😍


I'll definitely be back for the intermediate workshop :)

Patrick Ng

Great experience with Bene and his team, during the three days workshop. He did his best meet all my last minute request during the workshop.


During the workshop, I had learned a lot. I will highly recommend Bene to all that wants to learn more about food photography.


Thank you very much, Bene, and also Ada and Seth that was always there to help :)

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