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Let's "MEET" and dine

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

MEET Dining a newly open casual dining restaurant at City Square Mall that serve quality and affordability food.

Oven-baked Seafood in Puff Pastry - topped with Fresh Prawns, Clams & Quail Eggs. Drizzled with Warm Garlic Oil.

Mussel Prawn with Risotto ($20)

Braised Beef Cheek with angel hair - beef braised for 6 hours, with Somen and Ginger, topped with Onsen Egg and sprinkled Roasted Sesame Seed. ($15)

Honey Spiced Roasted Chicken - 1.2 Kg Whole Chicken accompanied with sautéed button mushroom, mashed potato, crushed almond nuts and homemade mushroom sauce ($18)

Where: 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall #02-37/38 Singapore 208539

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday , 11:30AM – 10:00PM

Last Order @ 9:30PM

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Oct 16, 2021

Greeat blog you have here

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