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Fried Hor Fun with Gravy

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Fried Hor Fun


  • Hor Fun (broad rice noodles): 1.2 kg

  • Chinese Mustard / Chye Sim: 150g (wash and cut)

  • Oil: 5 table spoon

  • Chopped Ginger: Small portion

  • Water: 2 litres

  • Corn Flour: 3 table spoon (add 100 ml water to make thickener)

  • Dark Soy Sauce: 2 table spoon

  • Soy Sauce: 2 table spoon

  • Green Chilli Pickle: 1small can


  • Mushroom Powder: 2 tea spoon

  • Vegetarian Stock: 2 tea spoon

  • Sugar: 1 tea spoon

  • Vegetarian Oyster Sauce: 1 tea spoon

  • Cooking Wine (花雕酒): 3 table spoon

  • Pepper: Dash

  • Dark Soy Sauce: 1 table spoon

Side Ingredients

  • Sliced Chinese Mushroom: 100g

  • Button Mushroom: 100g (sliced)

  • Straw Mushroom: 100g (cut in halves)

  • Baby Corn: 100g (cut)

  • Carrot: 100g (sliced)

  • Abalone Mushroom: 40g (cut)

Cooking Method

  1. Heat wok till very hot, add 3 table spoon of oil and fry hor fun till fragrant.

  2. Add in dark soy sauce and light soy sauce, spread and mix evenly. Place on a plate and set aside.

  3. Stir fry chopped ginger with the same wok till fragrant, add in mushrooms and all side ingredients with seasonings and fry evenly.

  4. Add 2 litres of boiling water, add corn flour till gravy is thickened and add in Chinese Mustard / Chye Sim.

  5. Remove from heat and add pepper to gravy. Pour sauce over Hor Fun to Serve.

Optional: You may add mock prawn, mock meat, mock squid etc for extra ingredients.


Recipe by Ani Losang Chokyi

Editor: Stella Hoh

Food Photography by Bene Tan

Food Styling by Ada Wong

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