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Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe (Vegetarian)

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Mushroom and Sweet Corn Congee


  • Rice: 800g

  • Pandan Leaves: 5 pcs

  • Planta Butter: 2 table spoon

  • Sesame Oil: 3 table spoon

  • Vegetarian Stock: 3 table spoon

  • Water: 800 ml

  • Mock Chicken Drumstick: 8-10 pcs

  • Tomato Slices: 16 slices

  • Cucumber Slices: 16 slices

Chicken Rice Seasonings (A)

  • Lemongrass: 2 pc

  • Blue Ginger: 50g

  • Old Ginger: 50g

Ginger Sauce Ingredients (B)

  • Ginger: 50g

  • Vegetarian Stock: 1 tea spoon

  • Mushroom Powder: 1 tea spoon

Chilli Sauce Ingredients (C)

  • Red Chilli: 5 pcs

  • Ginger: 30g

  • Fine Sugar: 3 tea spoon

  • Mushroom Powder: 2 tea spoon

  • Salt: 2 tea spoon

  • Vegetarian Stock: 2 tea spoon

  • Sesame Oil: 2 tea spoon

  • Vinegar: 3 table spoon

Cooking Method

(A) Chicken Rice Seasonings - Blend (A) ingredients into a fine paste.

(B) Ginger Sauce - Use blender to blend (B) ingredients to obtain the ginger sauce.

(C) Chilli Sauce - Put all (C) ingredients into blender and blend evenly.

  1. Heat wok and oil and deep fry mock chicken drumstick till golden brown. Leave it on a rack to drain away excess oil.

  2. Heat up wok with plants butter and sesame oil, add (A) ingredients, vegetarian stock, salt and mushroom powder till fragrant.

  3. Add rice and fry till fragrant again. Put the rice together with water and all ingredients into the rice-cooker to cook.

  4. Serve rice and mock chicken drumstick with cut cucumber and tomato.


Recipe by Ani Losang Chokyi

Editor: Stella Hoh

Food Photography by Bene Tan

Food Styling by Ada Wong

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