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How to photograph cakes and make cakes looks bigger than it is.

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Below are some tips on how to take better photograph of angular cakes and make it looks bigger and more valuable than it is.

"Slimmer" and short version

The above slice angular cakes were place 45 degree with the wider surface facing away the camera. This placement will make the slice cake looks "Slimmer" and longer.

By placing the opposite orientation - wider surface facing nearer the camera, the slice cake will look larger.

"Larger" and broader version

Look at the two cake images place side by side below.

The first cake image (Cake A - Broader) looks larger and the second cake image (Cake B - Slimmer) looks slimmer in comparison. The reason is when you first look at the cake, the first thing you see is the broader side of the cake (which also has the brightest area) that is nearer to the camera and not the short side which is further. This is caused by the visual illusion.

Photographed & Styled by Bene Tan

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