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Coarse Vermicelli in Fish Broth (Vegetarian Fish Noodle Soup) Recipe

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Coarse Vermicelli in Fish Broth


  • Coarse Vermicelli (laksa bee hoon): 800g

  • Round Cabbage (大白菜): 300g (wash, cut)

  • Preserved Cabbage: 60g (cut and sliced)

  • Straw Mushroom: 150g (cut into half)

  • Mock Fish: 300g (cut, fry till golden brown)

  • Abalone Mushroom: 1 packet (wash)

  • Tomato: 2 big pcs (wash, cut)

  • Sliced Ginger: 50g

  • Sesame Oil: 3 table spoon

  • Evaporated Milk (low fat): 100 ml (personal preference)

  • Chilli Padi: 10 pcs (personal preference)

  • Water: 3 litres


  • Mushroom Powder: 3 tea spoon

  • Vegetarian Stock: 3 table spoon

  • Sugar: 2 tea spoon

  • Cooking Wine (花雕酒): 5 table spoon

  • Pepper: Dash

Cooking Method

  1. Heat wok, add sesame oil and fry sliced ginger, ensure oil is very hot. Fry ginger till fragrant.

  2. Add cooking wine, white cabbage, straw mushroom, preserved vegetable, abalone mushroom and tomatoes. Fry for about 10 minutes till fragrant. Add seasonings, continue frying for 2 minutes. Set aside.

  3. Pour 3 litres of water into pot to boil, add in the cooked vegetables and cook for another 20 minutes.

  4. Remove from heat and add evaporated milk (optional) to taste. Add in vermicelli and mix evenly.

  5. Serve with chilli (optional)


Recipe by Ani Losang Chokyi

Editor: Stella Hoh

Food Photography by Bene Tan

Food Styling by Ada Wong

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